Higher COVID-19 mortality rate may be linked to Vitamin D deficiencies

The COVID-19 pandemic has a different mortality rate for different countries. Countries such as South Korea, Germany and Switzerland have fewer deaths while Italy, Spain, the UK and US have higher number of deaths. Some people hypothesised that the difference in healthcare quality, age distributions in population, testing or different strains of the coronavirus might […]

Neurons regenerated in mice with spinal cord and optic nerve damage

Animals, including humans, other than sponges and placozoa, have nervous system in which neuron (nerve cell) is the main component. For a neuron to communicate with another neuron, it relies an axon, which is a long wiry projection that grows outwards from the cell. With these axons, the nervous system forms an interconnected communication network […]

Stay safe by following safe distancing rules and self-isolate

The government regulation on safe distancing has officially kicked in on Friday 27 March 2020. Under this new regulation, anyone who fails to stand 1 meter apart from another person is violating the rule and will be charged. Up to $10,000 fine, imprisonment or both will be imposed on those guilty. So in order to […]

Dutch scientists discovered an antibody against COVID-19

Researchers from Erasmus MC (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Utrecht University have discovered an antibody against COVID-19. The scientific paper from the group of ten scientists is now ready for peer reviews from the leading professional journal Nature. The Rotterdam university journal, Erasmus Magazine, first broke the news. According to Professor of Cell Biology and one […]


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